Thursday, 2 January 2014

Memory Lane

I thought I would try to recapture some of 2013 with a photo from each month....... this was easier said than done.  For a start some months nothing much happened and others there were lots of pics, to choose from, so I had to be very hard on myself and only choose ones that I thought you might like to see again.  Hope you enjoy the trip down memory lane.

January brought snow......

Early morning 
February.... some last minute gifts

Gift for friends 
March.... a make with fabric from South Africa
Love those clasps...so professional 
April.....finished ready for a birthday on the 18th

Playing with crochet patterns

May.... bit of smocking on a crochet hook wallet.

Hope the ladies like it
May......couldn't resist this one

Got to love a bit of bling!
June ..... fun cushions for a new caravaner!

Now I know what to do with those yo yo's
July..... got the hang of yo yo's and cushions

Cushion for a cushion raffle 
August..... bit of a change....playing with clay

All cosy in a cup of pom poms 
September...... playing with hexagons.

Swap for a flickr friend
October......playing with felting

My first attempt........its a gnome 
November...... visitor from Canada

My son and Mr D out for a walk on a beautiful morning
December........'Despicable Me' hats hit the spot

My Yorkshire babes 
Wonder what is in store for us in 2014?  Wishing you all a very happy, healthy, productive 2014.  x x x 


  1. All great makes but that last photo is awesome!:)

  2. A busy and productive year Jo. Well done. A lady of many talents. The blog is such a good idea to keep track of what has happened as the memory fades!!!

  3. I think you are multi-uber-crafty-talented! Happy New Year

  4. A wonder selection Jo ,love your blog .can not wait to see what next year brings.
    Time just flies past when you are enjoying some thing.