Monday, 15 August 2016

Not much sewing going on, but keeping busy

I really am falling down on my blogging lately, but I think I might have lost my mojo for sewing as well. I might blame it on the stunning summer we have had, but that wouldn't be true as we have had a rubbish summer really.   There have been the odd days of sunshine and I have tried to make the most of those days with some long walks and the occasional bike ride.......no photos sorry?

I did sew last month's challenge but can't say that Seminole quilts are my favorite - still you always  learn a few things along the way, so that's a bit of a consolation.

Learnt a lot along the way

I have also spent time watching the Olympics (which I am really enjoying) and knitting up the yarn I dyed with L   If you remember we only dyed 50 gr. hanks and there's not a lot you can make with just 50 gr, but fingerless mitts work very well.  All the patterns came free from Ravelry....  If you want patterns, Ravelry is a good place to look.

4 skeins ready 

Ready for winding into balls 
and after a few weeks those hanks turned into these 

gifts ready and waiting.

I had a trip back to Lichfeild and Spellbound beads 😱😱 gilts got me again.  I bought mainly beads this time, and as soon as I got home I started playing.   My sister in law S had bought a pattern for the Emperor bauble a couple of years ago at Alli Palli and neither of us could get our heads around it at the time, so it was pushed to the back of the pile and forgotten until this visit to the shop.  I thought I would try it again as this is one of the patterns in the.book I bought.  Would you believe it, this bauble is no more difficult than any of the others so I have been busy and started whipping up the tassels.   I have to say I am really enjoying beading at the moment, even to the point of buying myself a new box to (hopefully) keep them all together

These are the tassels 
and the tassels turn into this

Emperor Bauble 

and just a few more that I have enjoyed making

Not great photos but gives you an idea 


  1. What lovely baubles! I must go to Lichfield sometime, but like you I have slightly lost my mojo for sewing etc. I am sure it is the weather being good at the moment.

  2. Loving those baubles!! We are suckers for sparkly things!!

    I purchased a rather pretty piece of fabric that I hope a very good friend ;;; will feed though her pleater so that I can make a smocked dress.......

  3. Love those baubles!! Need to get back on track!!