Saturday, 21 April 2012

Bit of R and R

Well, I knew that for a few days I was going to have to try to keep my feet up, so had to plan what I could do while reclining on the sofa.  I had a couple of hand sewn things to finish off, so taking a note from lynz  I planned to get a few things done and out of the way.

If you remember I had been making this.

Almost there

Well, just look at it now......  

 I love it, and it has a place on my sewing room wall ...what an honour!! (usually only swaps received go on the wall).

The other little bit that kept me quiet for a while was this little block

Some of us at the Monday group are making a Christmas wall hanging and this is Ellen's wreath block.  Its will end up a 6" block, Ellen decided to use 'Yo Yo's so this was another small project for me to sit and play at.   

NOW talk about play....... I have been looking at flickr to see what is going on and there is a pincushion swap just beginning. However, I am not joining any swaps for a bit but I love to follow them, and someone put up a picture of some 'pin toppers'.......  do I need an invitation to do research on these beauties OH NO!!!!..... After reading what the ladies had to say about different clays I started scouring Amazon to see what they had to offer, and 'lo and behold' they sold a sample pack of 12 different pastel colours. So no time was spent thinking about it, I ordered and yesterday my pack turned up.  Yeah!!!  I was so excited and started to follow this tut. but in my haste I did not check the oven temperature correctly (I didn't think anyone used Fahrenheit anymore) so instead of 230 deg F I put the oven on at 230 deg,C.  The smell in the kitchen told me something was not quite right, and this is my sorry lot that emerged.

Should have been 130 deg. C

Will I be beaten....... this is my second attempt 

Cute aren't they.  Goodness knows how many will be made and what I will do with them, but once again I will be kept out of mischief for a few more hours.



  1. Jo, these are great well done on your first try. I can feel a workshop tutorial coming on!!!

  2. Oh Jo
    Your pin toppers are divine always space on a pin cushion for one!!Your beautiful hanging does indeed deserve to be hanging in honour Well done a lot of work involved here. Those YoYos are really good I love Christmas!!!!

  3. I had no idea you had a blog! Love your NYB quilt.