Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter 2012

We started on our journey to Yorkshire nice and early on Friday morning.  At first the journey seemed nice and quiet, but as we got close to Nottingham the cars began to slow to a walking pace.  We had heard nothing on the road reports to say there was a problem, but eventually we saw the signs to say that the A1 was closed..... bother and damn.  Eventually we got to the M1, the journey continued at a normal pace but we had been delayed for at least 1 1/2hrs. Our usual 3 1/2  hour journey turned into almost 5 hours.  I suppose you have to be grateful for small mercies, firstly we were not involved in the accident on the A1 (I believe it was a lorry and a bike), and secondly the weather was not so wonderful and therefore every man and his dog was not on the road chasing the sun.
Its lovely up in the Dales no matter what the weather, and this holiday the weather has certainly been against us.  We girls managed a shopping trip to Harrogate on Saturday, while the boys went off to the movies, and Sunday was spent searching out Garden Centres that might be open (none were).  Monday unfortunately has been raining most of the day, so not even a walk into the village, just a totally relaxing time.  

While I have been sitting here, I have played and added some finishing touches to a block that I am going to enter into a competition.  Now I have never entered a competition before, so I have no allusions of winning.  I am not even sure I should be showing you the block, so I will just give you a sneak peak.

Sneak Peak

The theme of the block had to be Summer and as you can see I have gone for a summery scene.  So, wish me luck, it will go in the post on Wednesday. 

The other thing that has kept me out of trouble is this...

Ages ago I started this blanket which was featured in Country Homes and Interiors, and every now and again I get it out and play a bit more.  Its easy to bring something like this away with me, but this time I didn't bring enough of the white, hence only some of the blocks are finished.  Mind you had the weather been better here   I don't think I would have even got this many made.        

Off home tomorrow, hope you all had a good Easter, and the Easter Bunny was kind to you.



  1. Hope you have a safe trip home. Always good to spend time with the family. Good luck with your block its lovely. Did you find something good in Harrogate?

    1. Only the star buttons, but Jessica got dresses, shorts, tops all ready for the holiday in July....she likes to be prepared bless her

  2. Hope you got home safely and you are feeling better. Helping my Grand daughter eat her eggs as I am baby sitting a 12yr for the rest of the week. Time flies Easter gone already good luck with the block it looks good to me. Ena would like to see your tea cup pin cushion if you still have it. think see may go into production.

  3. Hope you had a safe journey home and plenty of ideas!!!