Sunday, 29 April 2012

Bit's and Pieces week

I have been a bit busy this week, but not really with sewing.  I did go to Highampiecemakers, my Monday sewing group, and spent a bit of my time helping with paper piecing, well, I thought I was helping, not sure the ladies would agree, but had a bit of a laugh.  I don't think I got my sewing out of my bag, but I did catch up chat wise.

Not sure what happened to Tuesday. Oh yes I do, I baked.  Made two chicken and mushroom pies, and two bacon quiches.  Do you remember way back when we used to eat egg and bacon pie????? looked very much like a quiche to me.  Wednesday a friend and I went in search of a new quilt shop that has opened.  Now, Wednesday was the most awful day with rain and winds, we hardly had to walk anywhere, but both my friend and I were wet through, so wet in fact that once home we both had to change our trousers they were dripping.  Our little trip wasn't really worth it as the new shop seems to be selling the same fabrics as the shop I use all the time, but, perhaps give her a few more months, and she may bring in some different 'stuff'.  The other thing we did on Wednesday was to play some more with 'Sculpey'  clay.  Lynda went home with a little array of teapots roses and a great big chunk of (clay) cake.  I made two tea pots.

More work needed, but not bad for a first attempt.
Thursday was my visit with the physio.  and she seemed quite pleased with my progress, but like all physio's she has now given me tougher exercises.  Also hair cut day, so no time to sew.......... again.

Friday, is my day at playing teacher.  I go to my (now not so local) quilt shop, and give a few ladies a lesson on smocking.  I enjoy playing teacher, but most of all I love the idea of keeping old crafts alive.  So many of our crafts are becoming a dying art.  Phew!! lets move on before this gets a bit heavy.

Forget Saturday, but Sunday was my day back at the machine.  Remember I was given a challenge here well, I have n't made any more until today.  As it was raining and blowing a gale. Mr D and I  both decided that it was a stay at home play day, and this is how I play (he's much more tidy).

Look at my scrap stash.  Lots of friend have contributed.
What did I do with this lot....... yes you guessed it, lots of New York Beauties.

I do enjoy making these, and love the fact that its all scrap fabric, so actually these will have cost me nothing. Yeah!!!  Be assured my room is now reasonably tidy, all scraps away and ready for another week.

Must tell you, I am getting quite excited about our holiday this year.  We are going to see our son, daughter-in-law (my third daughter) and our two grandchildren who live in Canada.  We did go to see them in 2008 and had a wonderful time exploring Vancouver, but this time they have planned a trip to Seattle, and we are planning a 3 day trip to Victoria.  Its been fun trying to work out the best way to travel, and get the most from the 3 days and tie it in with Seattle.  So far, we are thinking of taking the sea plane to Victoria...how exciting is that?  We will then look at getting the ferry from Sidney Victoria to Anacortes U.S. where the family can pick us up and we can carry on to Seattle.  Goodness, such a lot to look at and plan.


  1. Your holiday sounds amazing, Jo!! I'd be so over excited about it. And - wow - I have pin envy! Your teapots are just fabulous. Seriously, I am a bit jealous of your skills!

  2. Man...that is quite a pile of scraps...lovely colors!:) Yes, those little teapots are quite precious...I don't see anything wrong with them, they are amazing!:)

    Wow...a trip to Seattle...you should look on the bitty block list and see who lives there or close by for a quickie meet and greet!:)

  3. Oh Jo Notlong now so exciting LOve your little teapots There is always to little time use it wisly

  4. Love the T-pots and I must say I'm glad you took up the challenge for the NYB blocks. They look great. That's the only way to view you scraps, otherwise you spend ages turning over the same piece of fabric. So lucky to be traveling to the west coast - its a place high on my list. Countdown begins!!