Sunday, 15 April 2012

Ta Dahhhh

.Well, I worked hard and finished my part in Nichol's quilt.  I decided to add a bit of yellow to tie it in with the rest of the quilt....looked a bit too blue otherwise.  Would you like to see it ...well, I am going to show you anyway.

Nichol's quilt

It was quite nice on Saturday so I took the opportunity to take this photo in the garden with it hanging on the washing line.  I am happy with it, and now it will get packed up and sent on to Jo in Scotland.  

We had been invited to a 50th birthday bash with the invite stating 'Mad Hatters Tea Party', so I had to tart up some hats that we had.  Mr. D is not that happy in fancy stuff so I found a cute little ladybird and added that to the brim of his hat,

The Ladybird is on a leaf rowing around the rim..toooo cute

For my hat I found some thin wooded flowers with frogs and ladybirds on, so I attached them to a Facinator

Bit of fun

And because we had our hats on, we were allowed to eat ....good job we had made the effort as there was lots of lovely food and tons of cup cakes Yummy!!!

The gift

Loved this idea for a gift, well, it was a tea party so what better than a tea cup saucer and plate.  The local florist did the flowers and I loved it.

While I had my 'old' tea/coffee cups out, I decided to make another pin cushion from one of them.  I am out tomorrow, and some of the ladies I meet have asked to see the last one I made, unfortunately that one is now in its new home, so I quickly made another.  Want to see it ????

Sweet aren't they??

As you see my friends birthdays come and go I think you will see more of these.

Do you know its just gone 10 past 12 midday and I am still in my P.J.'s  what a slob, but very cosy.


  1. "Tart up" Hahahaha!:) I'm guessing your ladybirds are our ladybugs!:)

    Cute hats...glad you were able to eat!

    I'm still in my jammies too!:)

  2. You have added a splendid border to your "Round Robin" quilt. The little NYB's look lovely, Well Done!

    Love the cup and saucer flower arrangement, what a pretty idea.

    Thought you would be more a "negligee" girl!?!?!

  3. Love the hats and gift wonderful idea and the cup and saucer really great hope you bring it on Monday Jo. So we can all go into production. Agree put you as a "negligee girl.

  4. OOh I am just loving your teacup with the flowers such a good idea for a birthday gift. Your finishing round of the quilt is lovely and certainly ties it all in well done!!! I would like a pick of you and Mr D in your hats!!!!!!

  5. Thought the flowers in the cup a brilliant idea, ~They all look great. Must bite the bullet and make my pin cushion one!!!