Thursday, 7 June 2012

Jubilee Weekend

Did you all have a great time over the Jubilee weekend?  We travelled up to Yorkshire to spend the long weekend with our Daughter, Son-in-law and grandchildren.  We arrived just in time for lunch with all of the neighbours 'Street Party Style', the weather had stayed dry, but it was quite chilly, so after filling our tums and staying for a bit of a chat we returned to the warmth of the Aga.

Sunday of course was the 'River Pageant' and the Thames was not the only one celebrating with a   fleet of boats. The River Wharf had its own floating celebrations.......not quite up to the standard of the Thames, but what a laugh every one had.  We all soaked up the rain as well as the fun.

Some posh, some not so posh, and some already half sunk and this was just the float past, not even the race

You would think with that sail they would be half way to winning,  but me thinks those pink ladies put their backs into it 

The patriotic W.I. ladies (not nude calender girls this time) were the winners, the pink ladies came second, and the school governors came third, but all that entered were winners on the day.
Unfortunately the weather did not encourage the sale of Pimms nor ice cream, but the hot chocolate went down a treat.  

Monday was a much better day weather wise, so we took a walk to Burnsall along the river, and had a great breakfast in the sun.

What a place to walk

The suspension bridge is the way most cross the river, but with grandson on hand, why take the easy route 

With a little help when the steps were spread too far for little legs we made it with dry feet .

It was worth the walk, breakfast was delicious.

Monday evening there was a torch procession in Grassington to light the beacon, so we walked into the village to watch.  Now at Christmas there was a torch procession, and there were probably 50 people involved, this time every man and his dog joined in, and it was wonderful.  My photos don't do justice to the parade, I really must sort out the settings on the camera.

This started at 10 p.m. ...... see its still light.

To finish the evening we had fireworks

Photos really don't do justice to these

They really were stunning, not that the photos show that.

As we walked home, we could see that the beacons had been lit in Kettlewell (we think), and Thorpe, so a weekend to be remembered.  

Tuesday we just slobbed out watching the Service of Thanksgiving on T.V.

Wonderful Weekend for us, how was yours?????


  1. Wonderful weekend you guys had. I was glued to the TV for the four days and loved every minute. The scenery is so beautiful there!!

  2. Well I think your photos are great - fireworks are about the hardest thing in the world to capture! I am LOVING the stepping stones, too! And look at those nutters in their wee boats! Heh heh, looks like great fun.

  3. Looks like you had an eventful weekend Jo. Lovely scenery and fun with the family. We had a bit of an event too! Hmmmm. x

  4. What a great weekend full of memories lady!:) We saw the beacons on Lynz's Ochil hills....it was like Lord of the Rings!:)

  5. Okay Jo Goodbye and Im off You have agood time and give all my love asp Ash I love her music Love Vid

  6. Wish we could have been there