Friday, 1 June 2012


Look who's here....
Dee and I

Yes, its DeeRoo from flickr world, and we  met on Tuesday........Dee hales all the way from America.  Dee was the first person on flickr that sent me a swap, well, it wasn't really a swap, she was my secret Santa and sent me some lovely fat quarters, and loads of fabric scraps, along with lots of other special goodies, and we have been in swaps ever since.  Her daughter is living in England, so her and her husband came over for a visit.  Once I knew she was visiting, there was no way she was coming all this way without us meeting up.  Mr D and I travelled over to Oxford for the visit, and what a great day we had.   Firstly Dee had to hand over two quilt tops.  She has just added her round for the 'Round Robin' in the 'Around the Bend, across the Pond' swap group.

This one belongs to someone called 'uberstitch'

This one belongs to 'frustratedquilter'

Both are stunning aren't they????? I now have to add my round, and send them off to 'bearpawandbearpaw' who lives in Scotland. That was not the end of swapping for us, Dee had made me a lovely mini quilt ( I recognised the pattern), gave  some sweet fabrics, and a liberty bag (the bag fabric is baby needle cord, so so soft)

Gifts for me
Gifts for Dee

And these were what I gave Dee. Yes, another of my English Tea/coffee cup pincushion, some smocked Christmas decorations ...I know I know ....it really is a bit early for them, and a couple of scissor keepers..... the one with lavender embroidered on is really too big, so made the pink one which is a much better size.

We then all went off to Blenheim Palace, and had a great time there (first visit to a palace for Dee and her hubby).

Dee, Mr D, Don, and Miss M

Dee and family

It was so good meeting up, I do hope more visits are planned for the future.  Now as you can imagine, I have known about this visit for absolutely ages, but have been sworn to secrecy.... the reason.... Dee is going to the Fat Quarterly London Sewing retreat and is going to surprise one of her other flickr friends..... how I wish I could be a fly in the wall when that happens.  Telling the truth, I am pig sick that I am not going to the retreat, there are so many flickr friends going and it would be wonderful to meet them in the flesh (so to speak), but am thrilled that I can now spill the beans about Dee's visit, its been quite a feat to keep it under wraps for so long.

There have been a number of other things under wraps..... Gifts galore, Dee's you have seen, but I have to wait a bit before I can show you the rest, but I can show you this.......

New York Beauties.
This was a challenge from a friend, I am a bit late in completing, but have managed to get all 10 finished now.  I decided to sew 9 of them together,  the 10th one will be part of the backing, and I am going to keep it as a sample of N.Y.B.  Once it is finished totally I will show you.

This is also finished, 

My version of circles of Flying Geese
I think it turned out quite well, and I love the pebble quilting so will try that again.

Mr. D got a very early birthday gift, and I just had to make a little wallet for it because he didn't get a cover, and as we will be travelling over the weekend he doesn't want it scratched.

I went to a friend on Thursday and decided to add my round to Pam's quilt top.  This is quite a stunning quilt, and as it was so busy I chose to add plain borders.  I framed Dee's round with a black fabric (it has tiny flowers on, but you have to look hard to see them) then added my bright's. I hope Pam likes it.
quilt top with my round added

Lastly look what has happened to my Bearded Iris....... it has had so many flowers...... as one dies away another takes its place...worth waiting 6 years for, but I hope I don't have to wait so long to see it again.

To all that are at the retreat ENJOY.  We are off to Yorkshire to see our daughter and family and enjoy the Jubilee long weekend, hope you enjoy your celebrations where ever they may be.


  1. Am I glad that you have now posted about Dee!! You;ve been like a cat on hot bricks!! Lovely work and I am glad you had such a wonderful day.

  2. Ha ha!!! I've opened my mouth once or twice online to spill also! Had to shut it quick sharpish - I can't wait for my big Dee hug on Monday!

    I LOVE your pebble quilting - your NY beauties, too. The white keeps them so fresh and modern. And I cannae believe the size of the travelling round robins. Why, they are going to be bed quilts! How fabulous!!!

  3. WhoooHooooo!! Great post lovely Jo!!! It was an amazing day and I so appreciate you keeping my secret! About 12 of us met up in the hotel lobby and Marguerite was rightly surprise but I need to head off to the FQ retreat...really I need some breakfast! Will report again soon!
    Thank you so much for the wonderful day Jo! Of course meeting you was the best part!:)

  4. rightly surprised Dee? I would have fallen of my chair had I been sitting down! You devious devious lot having kept that from me! It WAS a surprise, I'll give you that but I think at least one of 'friends' (lol!) could have let the cat out of the bag !!! Thanks for the post and the photos Jo, I didn't get one of the whole family together so it's nice to see yours on the blog!

  5. Well I am speechless. Lovely quilts, friends, outings to castles What a divine time you have been having dollymmmmmmmm and now off to Sarah and then off to Neil and family Oh enjoy enjoy and enjoy. I have been having a divine time on T V with the Jubilee.

  6. Love the quilting on your circle of geese Jo! I feel another challenge coming on, but maybe I should finish my NYB's before I throw down the gauntlet! xx

  7. I knew you were getting that mini from the time she tested the pattern so it is so fun to see that you have received it now and had such a great visit! I loved reading this.