Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Fun and Games

We had a wet weekend....... No not the weather this time.  It started on Friday when an engineer came for the third time to fix our central heating system.  Once again he left us with more of a leak than I had in the first place.  This leak was mainly restricted to an overflow pipe , but as it ran like a tap I decided that someone had to come back and look again at it, so after a sleepless night I called the office on Saturday morning.  Fortunately the guy came back and this time left me with a very small leak that I can cope with.  Parts are on order, so we will see what happens when they arrive.  Next wet session.... while I was sat at the main computer with my laptop on the same desk I caught my fingers in my cup of tea which spilt over the table top and a little on the keyboard of the computer....well, you have not seen me or Mr D move so fast in a long while.  I think because of the quick action nothing was ruined.  Phew!!!!   But that was not the end.  On Sunday I put the kettle on but the lid was not fixed down properly, the kettle boiled dry and the condensation ended up in a pool on the worktop where my phone was........ need I say more....... one wet phone.  Sunday afternoon was spent looking for old phones, and when we found them we couldn't find chargers...... oh goodness to have a brain that remembered all the 'safe' places where we put things.  As it turned out I put my phone in a big jar of rice (advice from number one son) and Monday morning Voilà phone in working order.

With all that going on I decided to make fun things. The 'bugs' below came from  'Tilda's Spring Ideas' book.

How can you call this a 'bug' 
Peeking out from the bushes

Playing with the Pansy's
Those bugs are just too cute.  The other thing in the book that I decided to make is this little bag, well two bags to be precise.  They are not finished, but the sun was out so photo time.  I am not as happy with these, for a start they were a lot bigger than I thought they would be, and I am not sure about the heavy weight interfacing...... how heavy weight should it be????  One is very stiff, and the other is perhaps a bit soft.... Oh well, I will finish them and then decide if they were worth the effort.
Need a bow or frill 

I have made a few of these now, you may have seen I have already given some away, but they are a nice thing to sit and sew whilst watching the football.........no I am kidding, I don't watch the football, but do sit and sew.

More scissor keepers 
More Peach loops.... do you remember this I am not allowed them in the car, so they are sitting in the kitchen --------- not a good place as I visit the kitchen lots.....Yummy

My favourites
Have fun.


  1. Peach Loops not so much fun if they're not all melted together Jo...lol.

    1. No, but still yummy He He He