Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Where,s Jo???????

Where,s Jo????? I,m in Vancouver

 Yes, we have arrived in Deep Cove..Yeah!!! The cove looks very much the same as it did four years ago, lush and green, the only thing we had to do now was to climb the stairs to the house.....all 39 of them.

The house we call home in Vancouver
 Yes, the house is on three levels, so there are a few more stairs inside....we should be a bit fitter by the time we return.

M and I after climbing the stairs.

We had a walk around the cove and stopped for an ice cream.....bit of a tradition....not so spectacular I hear you say..... remember, with the time difference it's about 3.30a.m. for Mr. D and I.

Mr. D, M, myself and A

Deep Cove

The Kayak Centre. We will visit here on Thursday.... Yeah!!!!!

We managed to stay up until 8.30 local time then crashed into bed.
Sunday was the football...England v Italy in the Euro, so Mr D decided to stay home with N (our son) and C (our grandson) to watch the match while M, A and I decided to walk to the Rock.

Just the beginning

More Stairs

M and A just a bit ahead of me. 
Got to show you one of the waterfalls

At the Rock....Yeah!!! we did it


 Let me say it was a bit of a trek, but was very much worth it. Mr.D and I didn't manage this walk last time we were here, so now I at least I can cross it off my 'to do' list.

Next free day I have a date with  Mr. D and we will surely have a trip up to the rock.


  1. Yeah....you made it!:) Looks like where that Canadian Coast Guard show was filmed!:)

    Have a great time with your family!

  2. Looks like you are having a great time with your lovely family Jo! What spectacular views. Thats now ON my to do list !! xx

  3. Have a wonderful time Jo it looks great, we did miss you on Monday.
    Enjoy yourselves and your family as time will go past so fast.
    Photo's are great take plenty to show when you return.

  4. It looks as great as I dreamed it would, Its been on my to do list for years but I think I am going to have to enjoy it through others photos.!!Have a great time and dont wear Mr. D out too much!!xx

  5. What a beautiful trip Jo! thanks so much for sharing the photos. That climb looks tough but the view is well worth it!

  6. So good to see you arrived safely! Have a wonderful time and send love to everyone. Especially give Dad a big squeeze on his birthday. XX