Sunday, 27 May 2012

What a weekend

See  - the sun certainly brings me out.  We went off to a garden show on Saturday, its held at Wood Green Animal Sanctuary and we have been most years, not too expensive to get in, and not too big to wal k around.  There were a few things on our shopping list, and we managed to get some but not others...Hey ho that's life.  Spent the afternoon sitting in the garden sipping Pymms and planning..... its a hard life in the sun.  Mr D was in charge of the cooking, nice BBQ (Braai for you S.A. folk), two in a row..must be a record.

Sunday was planned out... plant the bits we bought yesterday, and get the Hay Baskets planted up, we are not planting hanging baskets this year as we will be away at a time when they will need a lot of watering, and there is only so much you can ask neighbours to do.  So, I was in charge of the Hay Baskets, and Mr D planted up some pots for the patio.

Two Hay Baskets back to back
These two baskets are ready to hang at the front of the house, sure they will look good once all the plants start to grow. 
 I have to show you this...

I bought 3 of these Iris plants in 2006, they cost me £21.00 in total,  I  thought that a lot of money at the time, but they were beautiful.  2006 was the last time I saw any flowers, just greenery has come up each year.  I have  spoken nicely to them, read about them on the internet, made sure the rhizome gets as much sun as possible as I know they like to sit on top of the soil lapping it up, but nothing until..... YEAH!! this year I have the one flower... goodness - not sure it was worth all that money and effort, but it is lovely.  Do you know these used to grow in our garden when I was a child, and my Mum did nothing to them, they just thrived.  Do we spoil our plants?????

I did say how hot it was didn't I, well we usually carry supplies of Jelly babies or Wine Gums in the car for long journeys (or short ones if I have my way!), but as I was passing the cash out tills at a well known supermarket (Lidl) a bag of Peach Loops jumped into my basket and I can strongly recommend them, so tasty... I digress... The Peach Loops were in the hot car on Saturday, and melted into one big jelly blob.

Peach Blob
Now, at this point most folk would just tip them in the bin, but much more fun to do this...

I really should grow up

I have done a bit of sewing, but the garden has been top choice this weekend. 

Hope you all had a good weekend. x 


  1. Oh my goodness What a beauty that Iris is worth every cent spent on it, I think your Mom did something while you were at school. What a huge planted basket it will be a beauty.I really cant comment on you and the fruit loops I am jelous!!

  2. I always knew that you wouldn't throw anything away, but a peach BLOB! too far!
    Never heard of hay baskets before, what do they contain then.
    Well done for surving, Dennis!!!

    1. Well originally Hay baskets were full of hay for the horses, but once the horses disappeared from the carts some bright spark found old unused ones and added hanging basket flowers, so now they are made especially for that reason..... what do you call them ????