Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Hi There

Hallo,did you miss me??? I have been a bit neglectful lately???

I seem to have been very busy lately, so the blog has gone by the board and  my friend would call me a lazy blogger ....Sorry.

I have been working on a few secret items, so I can't even show you pics of those, but I can show you this...

Quilting beginnings
I went to Highampiecemakers (my Monday sewing group) yesterday, and instead of sitting talking I actually worked on my flying geese block.  I decided as this whole thing was a practice/trial piece, I should really try to practice some different quilting, and as you can see I started to play with pebbles..... I think it looks O.K. (its not perfect by any means) and when its finished I will show you again and you can give me feedback.  I have also quilted my Birdy Block quilt, and I will show you that once I have finished the binding. I was about to show you a picture of the quilt but do you know I don't have one, I really am slacking, shame on me.  Oh well, it will be something for you to look forward too, or not as the case may be!

Yesterday this quilt arrived, its the round robin group that I am involved with at flickr (go here to see others), so today I had a trip out to my LQS to buy some fabric (none in my stash worked) so at least I can show you a picture of the fabrics I chose (with a little help from my friends).

Ready to cut

So now I am planning how to do the next border.  I know what I want to do, just got to make it work.

Today is the best day weather wise for such a long time, and I really just want to sit in the garden ....yes, it really is that warm, but its swimming time tonight, and I know if I don't go I will regret it tomorrow. 

So, I have to love and leave you,
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Hi Yes well as the saying goes if the cap or shall we say hat fits!!!!!!!! Have to say I like that pebble action very effective.Ilove that touch of green with the little flowers mmmmmm

    1. Think that might be my favourite too.

  2. Oh...that pebble quilting is coming out great!! I'm still too chicken to free motion on something I want to give someone!