Thursday, 10 May 2012

What's been going on

I had friends over on Tuesday, and this is what they were up to...

button necklace beginning
Just look at all of those yummy buttons.  It took a while go get started, but once a couple of buttons were on the thread 'sewhappy'  whizzed away with it.  
Tah Dah!!!!
Don't think she will be going into production, but it looks good.

My other friend (otherwise known as Quackquack22), had seen that I had made a sampler called 'Misty Mornings'.  She has had the same pattern for about 9 years and was not happy starting on her own, so today was the day to get the magnifying glasses out and start.  

Can you see I have also been playing with PicMonkey.  My friend over here introduced me to it, and I think I could have fun playing.

The other bit of news is about my quilt that I was sending off to a competition......No I didn't win!  The magazine has gone into liquidation, so there will be no competition, and no prizes.   Bit of a shame really, as I am sure they would have received a number of quilts and I should imagine the quilts will now end up in some rubbish skip somewhere.  Good news is I can now show you my effort.

Summer Time.
I am pretty sure my little block would not have won any prizes as it was a 'modern block' summer theme, still I enjoyed making it. 
Who would guess just how long it would take me to get my flying geese flying!  I never really work out how long it takes me to make things, I just sit and sew when I feel like it, and things get finished when they are finished.  Sometimes that does mean I sit all day, other days I might grab a couple of hours, but as sewing is a pleasure and I enjoy every minute of it,  it really isn't a hardship. Since I started the pattern for the geese I have really wanted to crack on with it and thought it would be (at least) together in a couple of hours....... how wrong I was.  It has taken me the best part of two whole days.  I suppose I am keeping fit and giving my knee some exercise, because each time I sew a seam I have to get up, press it, then trim the excess fabric, in fact I think this is what takes all the time.

What do you think??

Now this is where it will have to stop for a few days.  We are going away for the weekend, so no sewing, and I can't carry on this evening because I don't have any Batting/Wadding, so sandwiching and quilting  will have to wait until next week.


  1. Your geese look fabulous Jo! Can't say the same about the other photo, but I have had many admirers of my necklace. Even think I may make another!!

    I wonder if you sent a photo of your little quilt to the administrators, they might send it back to you? Worth a try.

    Have a great weekend x

  2. WOW! jo, they look fantastic. it didnt take you that long, Have a great weekend and see you Monday.x

  3. I think it looks stunning Well Done Looks like you are having a good time in the lounge!! I wish I could be there Weep!

  4. Wow...those are buttons? I can't quite figure out how you all did that...pretty cool looking!:)

    Yes, keep the faith...hopefully that adorable quilt will make it back home...love the sand fabric.

    WOOOOOWWWWSER...that tri-circle is amazing!!! Please tell me you are going to keep it!!! I love how they are going in different directions...sort of a flying geese tornado/cyclone!:)