Thursday, 24 May 2012

Sunny Days

Oh yes we have sunny days at last, they seem to have been so long coming I have decided to share them with you.  I know you folk that live in warmer climes will think I am mad, but sometimes I miss the sun so much that when it does shine I want to shout from the roof tops.

Tuesday was just the beginning of the sun, but I was out and about, so could not lap up the beauty of the day. Wednesday dawned and the sun "had its hat off" very early.  I did loads of washing, and think this is the first time in months that I have been able to put it on the washing line in the garden
See blue skies, my South African grandson once asked if we ever had blue skies in England!
I just love to see clean clothes out to dry.  My feet had to go naked as well, don't you just love to feel the grass between your toes!

Not such twinkey toes, but nice to be free of shoes
These are my 'Winter' Pansy's, and they are looking great, but its almost time for them to come out ready to  put our summer bedding in their place.  I never know why we plant "winter" Pansy's when they look really poorly in the winter....

Not a great pic, but they did look cheerful

The other flower that is doing well (may be too well) at this time of year are the Aquilegia.  They just seed themselves, but are so pretty


I did have to get down to some work though, so I opened up the sewing room and began

Love this room

I bought fabric on Tuesday for the borders of Susan's quilt top, so I set about with the sewing.  I decided on Flying Geese (seem to be doing a lot of those lately).  It took me all day just to get the border strips made. 

Need to press that crease out
Then I thought I would make a circle of mini geese for the corner blocks (are they called ' corner stones'??), well how long would it take to make 4 little blocks......... about 6 hours... that's how long it took me. 

Cute aren't they?

Finished  Yeah!!!

I now only have to remove the paper from these little blocks, and I have just the right T.V. program to do it by.    

See you soon.


  1. your geese look great Jo, nice pick of colours. Have had a day off myself today and have spent much of it at the hospital (no emergency) so no tanlines for me!

  2. Oh Jo Love your sun streaming in your sewing room and making you happy. Looking forward to seeing the borders on corners are divine and BEST of all those lovely gorgeous Pansys Oh I love them!!

    1. The Pansy's are especially for you as I know you love them, each time I see Pansy's I think of you...how sweet is that.

  3. great work Jo. Love those "corner stones"

  4. I am so freaking jealous of that incredible sewing room with that huge door!!