Monday, 7 May 2012

Next part of the story

Well as promised I am back to show you how I am getting on.  I have played around most of the day, and have changed my mind so many times as to how I wanted my block to look.  I did think at first I would go rainbow colours, but it takes me so long to find the right bit of fabric and I am so impatient to get this started I am once again working from my scrap bag.  It still takes me an age to find the colour I want,  the floor is totally covered in bits of fabric, and I toss left right and centre, so everything looks a big mess.

I personally think this is a Tah Dah!! moment, but I suppose some of you clever clogs out there are wondering why I am so pleased with myself........this is my pattern made with EQ6 and I can't believe it is working.

Here you are

9.5" square.  all my own
I think I am going to make the other 3 of these exactly the same, then put them together and see if I still like it.  If it all works, next time rainbows might be on the cards.

Now while I have been busy Mr D has been harvesting his first crop of radishes.  O.K. O.K. there are not sackfuls, but he's the only one that eats them, it is a first time he has tried them, and he really didn't know  just how many would grow.  I also know that a number were eaten before they made the kitchen.
Look good enough to eat ....
I now have to do a bit of cooking, friends coming tomorrow.  I'd love to take photos of my culinary delights,  but its just Butternut soup.  


  1. Oh, Jo! Your block is wonderful! I'm keen to see how it looks with its 3 partners in crime. And as a radish lover they look yum.

  2. Love the random scraps....you could even sew the four blocks together facing out!:)

  3. They look lovely Jo. Well done with EQ6. Thanks for a lovely day today. Might have a photo to send tomorrow! x

  4. And may I say, the butternut squash was beautiful!!! thanks for all your help Jo. If it hadnt been for me you would have finished your flocks of "confused geese"

    1. If it hadn't have been for me you would not be playing with your sampler Ha Ha Loved the day

  5. Oh I love radishes well done to the green fingered man xxxx Your block is beautiful Jo Well done