Thursday, 3 September 2015

Bit of a mixture...

I had a day with my friends last week.  We all had a Tilda doll (or the like) for Christmas and thought it would be good to get together to make them.  Well, days turn in to weeks, weeks into months and I was beginning to think it would be Christmas again before we got to sew them, BUT, I was wrong.  We all took our machines along with our dolly kits and believe it or not we all got on and sewed.  We had a good laugh, the host excelled with lunch, and plenty of cake (just to keep us going). I then finished my lady at home, and am thrilled with her.

I've been busy knitting.......yet another scarf finished, and a few more bonding squares for Emily's Star, then someone at the crochet group wanted patterns for Angels. I had a look on the internet  and came up with this little one from crochetmillan.... had to make a test one didn't I?

 Mr. D had a golf date today, so we were up a bit earlier than normal and as a friend had given me some windfall apples I thought I would make a couple of pies.  The apples, although small, were perfect and I only found one with 'creepy crawlies' inside. 

Bit of prep work

Pastry made and pie filled to the brim

Nice big A so I know this pie goes with custard
and by 9.30 a.m. I had a nice little collection

Ready for the freezer

  I used the pastry from this  recipe and therefore had an egg white left so decided to make some meringue's.
Needed to phone a friend on how to store them........ didn't think I could manage to eat them all in one day.....but I could try.

They were yummy
 My afternoon was spent drawing  up a design for a sewing machine that could be applique'd onto a cushion.  I  need to make the cushion for Higham Piecemakers bi-annual Exhibition of quilts etc. as there is always a cushion raffle and each member of the group donates towards it.


Looks as bit like my machine

Now to get to sewing it

 I'll hopefully have it finished by the next blog......keep you posted.


  1. Your doll is AWESOME! Love her coat and muff! The cushion is going to be great...and so much easier than our last challenge!;)

    Apple pies...yummers....do you freeze them before or after baking?

  2. Angel looks great, and APPLE PIE, yum, think that is one of my favourite desserts.🍏🍏🍏

  3. I have decided to loose freeze all the cooking apples I have. Never done it before but I will see if it works. Love your Tilda doll; I have an elephant that I love.

  4. Am apple peeling this morning - Haven't picked mine yet, as i can't keep up with the fallers. Must remember to mark this lot, so we have no surprises!

    My doll is also finished - play date on Monday?

  5. Love the doll,I have been apple peeling and pie making.Love harvest time of the year.
    Like the crochet Angel.

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