Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Bumper crop.

I have just finished yet another scarf.  The yarn used for the last few scarves is 90% kid mohair/10% wool, and I have to say they feel really nice but have been a touch slippy to work with.

Pretty in Pink
The pattern that started the whole scarf 'thing', is a pattern that my daughter bought at last years Yarndale festival.  It has now been passed to me as Mrs S feels she will never get time to make it.  This yarn is 'Temple Juniper' by Yarn Garden,  again its a kid mohair, but this mix is 70% mohair/28% nylon and I have to say it is really beautiful.  It feels like I am knitting with the silk from cobwebs......not that I have used cobwebs but just think it would feel like this, its so light and wonderful to use.  I am also amazed at how differently the yarns have knitted up.  The Mohair/wool, definitely needed blocking to get the correct shape, but the Mohair and Nylon mix is staying to shape.  Amazing how just a little different mix can alter the way the yarn works.

The colour is 'Silver Falls'... note how well the wool is wound..good friends

I think I might be in my pale blue/grey period.....as the cushion that I have made for Higham Piecemakers  cushion raffle has ended up looking blue/grey.

Beady Lizzy is looking on.

Mr D and I went for a bike ride last Friday and guess what?  We saw quite a few folk collecting Elderberries and Sloes for wine making and Sloe Gin, so I kept my eyes peeled to see if there was anything I could use.  Low and behold we came across a tree laden with apples.....I would like to say we picked up the windfalls, but that wouldn't be quite true, we took from the tree (not sure whether that's allowed) and now I have a date to make more pies...Yummy!

Might be enough for a couple of pies
YEAH! My friend, that has a friend with fruit trees has given me some extras that she couldn't use......just how lucky am I????  So the bowl of 'scrumped' apples turned into this....

More Pie making....

I have spent most of the weekend working on my (next months) challenge.. go on have a look you might even want to join....no fees involved ) and the quilt is for you to keep. I can't show you any decent photos as yet because the big reveal is on the last day of the month, but we are giving sneak peeks.  I thought this block would be a couple of hours 'jobby', but not so.  Two days down and I haven't yet finished the 16 blocks.  I do think I am making it hard for myself, but its using up a few more scraps and that's a good thing.

Not the true colours....just to keep them guessing.

Last but not least, I am trying to get this finished before Friday (our crochet group meeting).  'L' sent me this link so after going to Ikea I thought it might be good to make one.  I am altering it slightly as I didn't have the correct yarn, but it seems to be working.

Got to get the sides done now.

The weather is certainly not for sitting in the garden, so hope you enjoy your inside activities....


  1. I can't believe you are knitting with such fine yarn! I'm still trying to get the correct yarn for my project....but don't like what's at the store. Gotta go to a specialty place.

    Man do I want some pie...but much too hot to turn on the oven!!

  2. What a fantastic box. I would love to make some of those!!

  3. Knitting is beautiful what a great gift.........That box is just great ! It looks like Harvest Festival at your house.

  4. What a great haul from your bike ride ! The lace shawl looks so soft, and it looks like IKEA may have a rush on those boxes!