Monday, 21 September 2015


Maybe the last chance to sit in the garden this year...

It was a glorious day on Saturday so I spent some time in the garden.  After I had mowed the lawn I sat lapping up the sun and doing some knitting.  I also wanted to listen to a radio play so set up the ipad and tuned in.  The play was about a radio soap 'The Archers' that is still broadcast today.  It was the 60th anniversary of a particular episode where they killed off one of the heroines 'Grace Archer', I was just a small child, but was allowed to listen to the Archers, then it was off to bed.   I can remember that episode being broadcast, and can even remember sitting with my Mum and we just couldn't believe it......Grace Archer dead.   The outpouring of grief from the  whole country was something that had never been seen before,
 I believe the BBC was swamped with phone calls and flowers. The radio play told the actual story of how the actress (Ysanne Churchman) was told just before she went on air to broadcast the show that she would die  that evening, so poor old Grace was as shocked as we (the audience).  The theory of 'why', were numerous, but two things do stand out.  One was that Ysanne was lobbying for equal pay for actresses and was classed by the 'bosses' as a trouble maker and the other was a ploy to thwart the launch night of ITV.  Things don't change.....but, talk about bringing back memories..... as I remember it Grace was mad keen on horses, her stables caught fire and she was killed trying to rescue her beloved horses, and that's just the way it happened...... fancy remembering that after all these years.  Anyone else out there that's willing to admit to remembering?????

I also had a flash back for cakes that used to be a standard treat.... 'Rock Cakes'.  I used to make them often for my children, but have not made them for years and think the recipe must be one of those that you keep in your brain.  Only thing is my brain has lost it..... but Mr Google came up trumps and the baking began.

Just like I remember
 I had a little time to finish this

I loved working with this yarn

It feels as light as Candy Floss
and I have made a few of these.....

few more Xmas gifts 
Happy memories.


  1. Love your Lacy knitting Jo, so delicate in texture and colours.
    Why do you always mention food, I will have to make some of the rock cakes, did apple pies yesterday.🍏🍏🍏

  2. Think I may do rock cakes tomorrow reminds me of my Mum also the ARCHERS.The time flies....Love the knitting wonderful Christmas gift.

  3. So I googled Rock Cakes...what dried fruit do you use? I can just smell them...oh...no....that's my potatoes and green beans cooking!:)

    The shawl is amazing....I am still trying to just knit a few rows with regular yarn!:)

  4. I vaguely remember about Grace Archer, but my Father loved rock buns and I still have my mother's wonderful recipe and cook them occasionally for nostalgia!

  5. That lovely yarn has worked up beautifully! Might just "Google" rocks cakes for the weekend!!

  6. And I don't remember the Archers !

  7. I remember the Archers too and the time before TV! Either radio or piano then. Linda

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