Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Tah Dah!!!

As I said in my last post I was going to try to get together all of the Mini Mania Challenge quilts (made so far) to make a single bed quilt.   Well, its done...Yeah!

You may remember the mini's but just in case you need a reminder

I think these were the first two

Then I added some more blocks that I just loved

The one on the left is a pattern that a quilting teacher allowed me to use
The one on the right is another version of the log cabin. 
and this pattern was one from the Moda Bake shop, but I reduced it.   Instead of these being 12" blocks, I made them 7" blocks, so this one ended up 21.5" square

None of these blocks are the same size, so there was quite a bit of planning (I think not). but I did have to quilt together some white fabric to fill in some gaps. Putting this together was a bit like doing a jig saw that has no picture.  I first laid out all the blocks.

The first lay out
To fill in some gaps I added the white

Now to make them bigger
I changed the lay out a number of times, but this is the final

It took longer than I imagined to get this far 
But the big reveal.............

Tah Dah!

I am very pleased with the result.......after all it could have turned into a 'Dogs Dinner' of a quilt.
What's next I ask myself.


  1. That is fantastic, Jo. Colours are great. I bet by the time you have read this, you will already thought of the next project, and probably started it!!

  2. Jo it's great ! well done such lovely colours with the white

  3. Wowser lady! Look at all those wee pieces!
    Looking great!!💜💕🍒😍
    I'm playing with my new phone!!

  4. Ha! Guess I just found out emojis don't work on blogs!!;)

  5. Lovely quilt Jo. One day I may have made enough Mini Mania's to make one!!!!

  6. Well this is a jolly fine quilt looking well done I have a few Questions later...

  7. Beautiful Jo, and I also love the back as much as the front, show us xxu sandie xx