Friday, 2 October 2015

Going North or should I say been North?

Yep! once again we were able to travel up to Yorkshire to visit our daughter, her hubby and the grandchildren, and spend a day at the Yarndale show.  We travelled up on Friday evening, and were off to the show on Saturday.  I was going to be good and shop wisely....but always on the look out for ideas and inspiration.

I don't think I will ever attempt to weave, but do find this intriguing....

This loom reminds me of a cribbage board 
There were lots of Cattle Pens 'exhibitors stalls' filled with goodies, and  who wouldn't like a stash like this......

How could I resist..
and for inspiration...

Baubles, bags and blankets

Capes, Capes and more Capes.
There was some livestock,

Such a pretty face
 and a wooden sheep with a very woolie coat

Not sure of the breed

I loved this stand, all of the work is done with 'carpet wool', so it might be  inspirational for some of the ladies at our crochet group

Is she working on the Yarndale logo
 (the colourful sheep) or is it another bag????

These little stockings were cute ..

There was a massive rainbow display of the crochet flowers that folk had donated 

Not a great photo, but the best I could manage
and of course the tree deco's.

Mr Bumble

anyone for knitting??
and last but not least, the few bits I couldn't resist..

How controlled was I !!
 I plan to use some sock yarn to make this lacy cowl, so watch this space.

Getting ready for chilly weather

While we were up North we travelled across to Ulverston in Cumbria.  It was a really beautiful day, and to walk along the cobble High street looking at the shops was delightful.  We stopped for lunch at a Fourpence Cafe (please click on the link and look at their photos, as I am sure they are better than my efforts).

Oh so Cosy,
I loved the food, but everywhere I looked I was  'Oooing and Aahhing', I could have stayed there all day looking around.  

There was a selection of brushes and I had to have one to help clean out my sewing machine.

Isn't it a darling??

We also had some lovely walks in 'the dales' enjoying that late 'Indian Summer' weather.....great weekend. 

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  1. That wall of yummy colour!! The cowl looks cosy and that Tea Shop looks like you could spend ages reminiscing ....