Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Feeling Good

You know there are times when you make something that you are thrilled with, well, that happened to me the other day.  Mr D had some earphones for his birthday (back in June) and wanted some sort of wallet to keep them in.

They will be used mostly when we travel, so something with a little padding would be great.  I had been looking on Pinterest, and there have been a few ideas, but none were exactly what I wanted so I had to get into pattern making mode........

Just a start

will they fit
It might be a snug fit

bit of padding ...... scraps sewn together...

I think it might work

lets get this sewn.  I sewed a zip on the long curved edge to make it easy to get them out.

Think it works

snug as a bug

Ready for our next trip
Nice and neat

I had been putting this project off, but think it works really well......think I should get a fanfare!! 


  1. Ta tadalata Dah!! That is just perfect , hopefully you have a trip booked ready for them to be used 😉

    1. Think I will make my Granddaughter a bag for her ear phones, also one to put the Satnav in. Good
      thinking Jo

  2. Lovely bag, well done and very creative.