Saturday, 10 November 2012

Getting back to normal

About 5 years ago we had an extension to the house which was to be my sewing room well according to my hubby its the work room, but we know differently don't we.  The room has been wonderful, in fact for me the favourite room in the house probably, but recently I thought I could smell a dampness but Mr. D said he couldn't smell it, and I let it go...... that is until I could stand it no longer.  I decided to pull out the cupboard that stores most of my fabric as that seemed to be where the smell was at its strongest and low and behold there was the offending mould growing on the wall behind the cupboard.  We called in the builder who after talking to a number of experts told us that he thought the problem was caused because there was little or no ventilation in and around that corner and that was the probable cause.  After a bit of discussion, we called in a carpenter to raise the cupboards and lower my sewing machine into the work space (because I am such a shorty I would never reach the machine).

Goodness look how clean and tidy it looks

Back to the real world and a working sewing room
It doesn't look that much different, but it certainly smells much better.  Had to alter my sewing mat, but that was my only input.... well other than packing everything up, then unpacking again and that is a lot of work.

I have finished the Tilda sewing doll, she now has her sewing machine and the item she is working on,  and is ready to be wrapped in Christmas paper 

Must make one for me
The other finished bit for me is my Dancing Ribbons mini quilt.  I thought hard about the binding, and in the end made scrappy binding with the same fabrics as the ribbons... Must find room on the sewing room wall for this one.

I do love this mini, so bright and cheerful
I told you about the group on flickr that I have joined this month.  I showed you the beginnings of my 3.5" blocks in the last post, this is how they looked when I had finished.  Unfortunately I took the photos at night and as the colours were not true I was supposed to take more photos in the morning, but so intent on getting them in the post I forgot..Boo Hoo!!  still you get some idea of what they look like.
Six with pink buttonhole stitch and Six with blue

My other work in progress is still 'in progress'.

I had forgotten just how long it takes to get all of the lazy daisy leaves sewn, and there are a few more before I get on with the tiny rose buds (french knots), but once all the embroidery is finished I only have to turn up the hem and add the buttons and button holes. Yeah! 

I have also been planning (with a little help from my friends) an "all day" sewing day at our local sewing group Higham Piecemakers.  I have spent hours and hours scouring the internet looking for small decorations etc that we can make and believe me its easier said than done.  There are a few things out there and this is what I have chosen to try.
So hope they like them.  


  1. Oh...but didn't you have fun fondling all your fabric?:) Bet you saw stuff you forgot you had!

    Glad to hear the ribbon mini is staying home with you!

    I think your sewing group will enjoy those projects!;)

  2. What a cute sewing space, with lots of natural light! You're making some beautiful items.

  3. Glad to hear from you again Jo! I was getting withdrawal symptoms!
    Some great work here, is the wteath made with scraps? I think I might fancy a go at that although I do have a lot to finish to take to scotland with me on the 21st!!!

  4. I love the wreath Jo, that's definitely on my list! the little Santa is so cute and the trio decoration is so elegant. Must get off here and get started! I think I will show MrB how you have set your machine into the table. My beastie machine is so high but if I raise my chair my feet don't touch the foot pedal!

  5. Oh what a job but happy ending no damage to the stash in the cupboard.Love the Tilda lady and her machine which book is she from? goodies to make are lovely.Who is the beautiful dress for ??

    1. The dress is for Issy, she asked me if I could make her another one as her one is getting too short.

  6. Love the dress and will be doing the wreath and lots of other goodies on Monday. I love Christmas or should I say Christmas fabric. Ought to sort out my sewing room but not sure at what point or place to start.Your room makes me feel real guilty perhaps could be a New Years resolution.