Friday, 2 November 2012

Owww! nearly forgot

Oh my goodness I almost forgot to show you this, yet another 'thing' not quite finished.

She is going to be a Christmas gift once she is finished, but I can show you because I know the person it is for does n't look at my blog...... Boo Hoo! but what can you do when you own kids won't pop in to see what you're up to ( I'd beat her soundly, but she is bigger than me :)  )
I only need to attach the sewing machine to the doll, and put a piece of fabric under the 'needle'.


  1. I think the doll is wonderful and I am sure the gift will be appreciated and she will think you an angel for making it., Must get started to think about Christmas.(or do some thing ready only 7 more weekends my Grand Daughter informs me.

  2. She is a very chic angel, I love her dress. Another lovely make. X

  3. Wow Jo....she's amazing! Did you make the sewing machine too? Need a close up look at it!;)

  4. Replies
    1. I believe and apology would be in order as we were suppose to make these together....still I can make another with you.

  5. Kids!! As in plural?? I still pop in and out. The one which shall not be named will LOVE it. Well done Mum!

    1. No. Kid as in singular..... I know she will like it, as she almost picked the dress fabric'