Thursday, 1 November 2012

Lots going on...nothing finished

I think I am a bit like a butterfly..... flitting from one thing to another and actually not completing anything at the moment.  

I have made many smocked dresses for my granddaughters and one of my favourites is one from the Country Bumpkin magazine called 'Gathering Roses'.  I made it a couple of years ago for my youngest granddaughter, but when I spoke to her just a couple of days ago she informed me that it was now getting toooooooo short and she needed another.  She has asked for it to be exactly the same as the one she already has........so I am in the process of making this dress for the third time.

Lots more smocking to do.
Smocking finished, now for the bullion roses that give this dress its name.

Lots more bullions, but you can see where they will go

There's still a bit more to do before this is finished, so you will see this again I am sure.

No. 2
Remember this....

Look what's happening...

                          Yep, paper being removed...... looks promising

Not finished, still got to sandwich and quilt...... 

With all this going on....should I really be getting into something new.  Of course the answer is NO, but my online friend has asked me to join in with this group here.  I used to make bitty's each month, but had to give it a rest for a while and now only join in occasionally.  This months themes were Christmas/winter and Aliens, now I am not into Aliens, but Christmas ....that's my thing.  So this is mine so far
Doves and olive leaves ready.
Tomorrow I hope to get these 12 little blocks completed and in the post to America then I can sit back and wait for the other 11 ladies to send me their beauties. 

What next is on the list??????


  1. What a Lucky Little Girl! The dress is looking beautiful!
    Your Dancing Ribbons has done a positive quickstep, and am intrigued at those little birdies. Busy week then.

  2. Hi Jo. The dress is beautiful what lovely work.
    How lovely your Grand daughter is young enough to wear such a lovely family heirloom.Makes my coat hangers small fry.But I am very pleased and proud of them.Can not wait to see what's next on you list

    1. Ellen your coat hangers are stunning, and would look great in any wardrobe. I think that will be the last smocked dress I make for my babies as they are no longer babies. I am not even sure how long Issy will want to wear this one, but it was requested and a pleasure to make.

  3. You....are....a.....crazywoman!!;) OMG...that smocking is amazing. I definitely don't have the patience to do that....I don't think I have the eyesight either!

    And that explosion of color there in the middle....crazy, crazy, crazy!!! You like a challenge don't you?:)

    Ah...thanks for playing in the BBC this month....can't wait to see those lovely birdies with their leaves!xoxo

  4. Issy will be soooo happy!! She does love her dress and can't wait for another one. I think she will wear it for as long as she can Mum! Oh I wish I had some time to play and experiment. I will show Issy the work in progress over the weekend. XX