Saturday, 24 November 2012

Whoa!!! Lots going on this week

Sunday was a brilliant day, so the bikes went on the bike rack and we were off to Stanwick Lakes. The sky was a beautiful Azure blue and it was reflected in the lake.  

Just one of the many lakes

I am so glad we took the opportunity to get out and about because I think that was the last time we saw anything of the sun for the rest of the week.

Now Monday was one our 'All days' at Highampiecemakers, and time to get down to making some small bits and pieces for Christmas.  I decided to make some coasters for wine glasses and gift tags for special people.  I don't usually get much done on Mondays...well, other than a good chat, so to get two items finished was quite an achievement for me.

8 coasters and 11 gift tags

Baking day on Tuesday, and its the first time I have made a coconut cake in years.  It was very tasty, so think it might be a regular bake.

I also played at making a coin purse.  I had seen them first here and although I didn't want to join in the blog hop, I just loved the look of the purses and wanted to make one.  So a couple of clicks on the Mouse and I was the proud owner of the pattern from Madame Samm's Pattern.  I have had a purse frame for over 10 years and never got around to using it and realised it had been waiting for this pattern.....

Cute don't you think?
The frame is a bit fancy, but I have ordered some plainer ones and can't wait to make a few more of these.

I have also been playing with pincushions, and this site has some really great patterns and tutorials. The hardest thing about this one was getting a plastic pot that was suitable and not full of body cream.  
Pot found, fabrics chosen and cut
It really doesn't  take long to get them together

Flower petals cut and sew ready to roll

Voilà ! 
Is there more........yes of course.

A friend came over and we made these cute vinyl project bags.  The pattern is from here and is super simple...... I say that, it did take us all day to get the first one made, but once finished I just knew I had to make another.  

Filled ready for my Hexie project.
About 24 years ago I embroidered these cute Teddy's and Carousel Horse.

Some things just can't be thrown away 

 It was framed and has been on the walls of many of our houses, but this house doesn't have loads of wall space, so I took the embroidery out of the frame and it has sat waiting for a new life........ what do you think?

New life for these cuties

Two more purse frames have arrived in the post today, so guess I might be making purses over the weekend. Yeah!


  1. Shame you haven't any new babies Jo,this would be a perfect baby book cover,so beautiful

  2. Yes, it is a shame, but when the babies were being produced this embroidery was on the wall, but this way I still get to keep it and look at it often, so I think I still win.

  3. The purse Jo really very nice,I will have to have a go they would make wonderful gifts on the other hand would like it myself.Had a look at the pin cushion site. Looking for jars. The idea's keep coming not enough time. Busy smocking coat hangers myself. Because of the weather awful rain I have had a nice sewing day.

  4. The lakes were lovely. If you go this Sunday, you need to take your canoe instead of the bikes. It's under water! The tin is looking lovely, well done. And what a nice use of that pretty embroidery, it will have a lovely home for years to come,

  5. Lots of finishes for a week,wow, your Teddy's and Carousel Horse has found a prefect home now. I like thoses little bags.

  6. you have a busy week! they all look great projects.

  7. just realised that was a larger design of the ones we did at piecemakers.!!

  8. You HAVE been busy...and I can just smell that cake...yummers. Anything coconut makes me happy!

    Great remake of a cherished item. We need to do that more!;)