Saturday, 17 November 2012

Time Flies

It doesn't seem like a week ago that we woke to a cold but bright frosty morning.  The skies were  blue and the sun shining, so we felt we could not miss out on a walk.  Luckily living where we live there are plenty of country walks to choose from, but this week we went to East Carlton Park.
I just had to take a picture quickly of the frost, because it was not going to last long once the sun got on the fields.
The White magically turning green
Just around the corner in the sun

Just look at that sky

Northamptonshire countryside
Not so many bright colours left, but still beautiful..
Oh so quiet 
and some leaves to kick about.........never too old to kick those leaves, and everything looking so clean and fresh.
Not even a dog walker 
even the boots stayed clean

who has clean boots after a winter walk?
I spent the rest of the day making a tea cosy.  I had seen a picture somewhere on the internet, and made a mental note to make my own version one day, and that day arrived.  The hardest thing was making the pattern for my very own tiny tea pot, but once I had that sorted the rest was a piece of cake.... or pudding as the case may be

White is not the best colour for a tea pot, but it does look cute.
I have been tidying my fabric cupboards and needed a box to put a few more fat quarters in, so off to scour the internet.  I found a couple of tuts on fabric boxes, but the one I chose to make was from here I have made mine a bit bigger but it works perfectly.

finished ready to be filled

Filled to capacity 
On the same site I found this little hexagon bowl.  I have reduced the size considerably as I thought it might work as a small trinket bowl, but working on such a small item the 'floor' gets a bit lumpy, so not sure it will be used
I still like the look of these so maybe I'll have another try
The weather men tell me we are in for a cold night, so that might mean a nice bright day tomorrow and if so I think the boots might see the light of day again ....OR could it be a day for the bikes?



  1. Off for a walk myself this morning Jo, up early to clear the chores, out to enjoy the weather and then a little bit of sewing. What better way to spend a Sunday

  2. Northamptonshire is a beautiful county and the sewing looks pretty good to!!

  3. What lovely walks you have Jo so beautiful Lucky you. Love that stash And that very cheerful tea cosy. Love xxxx

  4. You have time to go for walks , and fit in all that lovely sewing