Thursday, 5 September 2013

Bike rides, Apple pies and internet problems....

Wednesday didn't start so well.... our internet has been dropping for the last couple of months.  I won't bore you with the details, but let me just say I now have two sheets of paper with all the details of my phone calls, names, dates and  times of calls etc. all logged and today was no different.  I really don't know how I keep my temper when some idiot (one of the support team)  asks if the router is turned on....... needless to say I needed to get out into the countryside for some relaxation.

Bikes on board and off to The Brampton Valley cycle way.  This is where we started...

So beautiful
  I, like many others had never been to this county until my hubby's work brought us here and I have to say the Northamptonshire country side is really beautiful, but as a county it is almost the forgotten one as most folk just drive straight through.  You don't know what you're missing.

All neat and tidy
and this was my treat at the pit stop

Cooling Pimms...getting a taste for this drink!
On our travels we had noticed all of the blackberries that could have been pick had we thought to take a pot or bag with us, but on our way back I noticed apples on the track.  Yes a wonderful apple tree just about to give up its heavy load.  It took a bit of persuasion and shaking of branches but we quickly filled Mr D's saddle bags.....well not quite filled them, as we felt we should leave some for others to enjoy (in truth we couldn't reach any more).
Missed out on these

We used to call this "scrumping" but now I believe the term is foraging

First of many, me thinks..yummy!

Thursday is usually a day when I go to sit and sew at my local quilt shop, but today I have an appointment with an engineer from B.T. (British Telecom) so I started the day making my pastry for more apple pies.

Just look at the amount of apples still to go into pies
Did you notice the big 'A' on the two pies that will be frozen. There is a reason for this, you see I have often made chicken pies and apple pies and all have sat happily in my freezer unnamed because I would definitely know which was which......famous last words.  On at least two occasions I have got 'apple' pies out, cooked them in the oven, made the custard to go with them only to find when I have cut them open its been lovely chicken and mushroom inside ...... not really the thing to go with the custard!   More pies to be made, but this one for today...

Definitely Apple

I did have a bit of time for sewing, so I finished off the bag that I should have been sewing with my friends.  It's  another of the patterns that I won from Geta's linky party.  It not only has the two pockets at the front (the white fabric is the pockets), there is also a zipper pocket on the back and at least 3 more on the inside.....very handy 

Yes my man did come to try to fix my internet problem.... but the stupid thing didn't drop once while he was here. He did  change a couple of bits in the junction box, run a few tests and wished me luck - as after 3 1/2 hours  he didn't really feel he had resolved the problem.......guess what?...he hasn't, its still playing up and my list with name dates and times is just getting longer.   


  1. Love your makes....cloth and yummies!:)

    I feel with you on the internet problem... got a new router but now I'm thinking our problem is our aged computer...I really dislike computer shopping!!!:)

  2. I love your A for apple!! My granny used to do this too, except with her it was a mince round or a rhubarb tart depending on your luck. *g*

  3. Like your bag Jo,you have had a busy week.I am into pie making B/A on mine also jam making I love this harvest time of the year. Happy sewing and baking. Try a apple cake !

  4. I haven't tried apple cake!! but I don't do cook, Ellen!!!lol. great bag Jo, good to see it finished. Missed you Thursday only 3 of us!