Friday, 20 September 2013


After travelling from Chester to Liverpool we made the most of the day.  Our first trip was on the Mersey Ferry with Gerry Marsden pointing out all the places of interest, and playing his song 'Ferry across the Mersey'.  We set off on a really choppy trip,  the wind was blowing, so the waves came up, but we had a great time seeing the sights in the sunshine....it was even warm enough to sit outside.....you had to sit or be thrown from one side of the boat to the other....it really was that choppy.

Doesn't look that choppy but believe me it was

After we got off the Ferry we made out way to the City Tour Bus.  Yes, we were tourist for the day, so bus tour was another thing on our list.  I was so impressed with Liverpool as a city, it seems to have everything The old city sits with the new very comfortably.  There has been so much regeneration in this city, old warehousing turned into boutique hotels and restaurants, Quayside warehousing now museums, art galleries and shops, which proves some cities get it right.

Locally know as 'The three Graces'

What a skyline!

No time for lunch next stop........

Magical Misery Tour here we come.  Once again this tour was recommended and the tour guides were great, they took us on a tour of birth places and schools of the fab four.  There were a few stops on the way, but the only one I was really interested in was Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields.  When I was expecting my first baby, radio Caroline managed to get hold of the record before the release date and they played it on the hour every hour for weeks before my baby boy was born, so it has a special place in my heart and brings back very happy memories.  We ended our tour at the Cavern Club where there is live music every afternoon.

Memory Lane for me

What a full day we had so back to the hotel for an early night before getting to visit the Cathedral the next day.

We packed our bags but left them at the hotel while we trundled off to visit Liverpool Cathedral.  Once again this building is so huge. Did  you realise that the architect was only 21 when he entered a competition to design the Cathedral?

So much stained glass

Add caption

Taken from the embroidery gallery, those people look like ants.

The tower was opened so we had to have a trip up to the top....have to tell you I thought we would have to climb to the top, what a. relief they have a lift.   The lift doesn't go all the way, so there is a chance for you to see the bells,

The bells were made in Loughborough 
and there is an exhibition of embroidery  that we stopped of to see on the way down.  The view from the top was unfortunately marred by the rain, but we just had to go to see for ourselves,

Some lovely Georgian Houses down there!
and the embroidery was magnificent.  I'll leave you to drool over these beauties

Oh to be able to 'Needle paint' like this.

Gold and silver work to make your eyes water

Such delicate flowers and tendrils 

This key was about 8" tall

Samplers and a finished piece

Raised work, like padded long and short

So beautiful

What inspiration!  Doesn't it make you want to get out that embroidery frame?



  1. looks like you packed a lot into your trip Jo. Pity the weather wasn't more kind, but that doesn't stop the fun really. x

  2. lovely photo's you must have had a great time.You must go again to fit it aLL in that you missed.