Thursday, 26 September 2013

Last of the summer...I hope not

Back to normal after our trip to Chester and Liverpool, and the weather has been good to us, but Autumn is definitely on the way.
We had a fantastic Sunday, and spent the day in the garden catching up on tidying and just enjoying the day, but I feel there are not going to be many more days for sitting in the garden enjoying the warmth of the sun.

I feel this is going to the last Pimms of this summer
and we harvested the last of our carrots and beans.

Just enough for supper

but we can look forward to some beautiful sunsets
Just the beginnings of winter sunsets
Now a few weeks ago I think I mentioned that I was in a 'flickr swap' with the Mini QT group.  In this group you know who you will be swapping with, so you never show the whole quilt, just give a few sneaky peaks until your partner has received the quilt.  My partner (who lives in America) received her quilt a couple of days ago..... its made up of 1/2" hexigons.

The quilt measures approx 8.5" by 12"
 its not compulsory but you generally add a few extras, so I made a couple of things for her

Hexagons gone crazy, pincushion and wallet
 and best of all - the postman comes bearing gifts for me....... Yeah!  

The stars are all English Paper Pieced (EPP) and then appliquéd onto the backing fabric.   

Rainbow Stars...who could ask for more
and again there was a stack of goodies to go with the quilt.  Two packs of paper piece templates, and some very special needles that have a black coating and gold eyes (can't wait to try them), and a lovely little wallet to put them all in.

So who's a lucky girl??
and lastly a bit of crochet.  I have crochet the edging on a pillowcase. I used a Percal cotton pillowcase,
 but think in future I will use 100% cotton as the percal was not that easy to get the crochet hook through.

Next time pure cotton I think.

See you soon


  1. I want a cookie every time I see that mini quilt!:)

    So...you really put that crochet hook through the pillowcase edge? Cool beans!

  2. You must borrow my skip stitch blade, I have it on good authority that it will make edging easier. The Pimms looks scrummy, but I have tried red wine, champagne, and gin tonight. Feeling good. Good day today, nearly 200 visitors. Have a great weekend. Xxx

  3. Love those quilts and admire your patience in making them. The Pimms looks yummy as do your veggies, gorgeous sunset.