Sunday, 29 September 2013

Yarndale here we come.

A lot was going on this weekend, our group was having its bi-annual quilt show which I unfortunately would be missing because I was off to the Dales to see our daughter (S) and family.  I had a date on Sunday to visit the very first Yarndale Festival with S.  The weather was wonderful, and there is nowhere more beautiful than the dales in the sun.  This is the view from their garden....

but we could not stay here gazing at that all day - we had places to go and things to see.  The festival was being held in the local auction mart and I had wondered how they would manage to 'tart' it up from the usual livestock pens, but 'tart' it up they did..

Not sure if you can see but we entered through the 'calf unloading'
- glad it wasn't for the 'old cows'

Bet this floor has never been so clean 

and the bunting was spectacular.....shame about the photo being blurred
 Most of the stalls were selling yarn, so can you imagine the colourful displays of dyed yarns and fleeces...

Just a sample
Some stalls were selling unusual cushions.....this Rhino just being one of them...

The Rhino cushion is the one on the right ...not sure it would be so comfortable
and it certainly doesn't have such a great smile.
 In the centre of the shed exhibition hall Lucy ( Attic 24 fame) had her own little area for 'knit and natter' and a few of her creations, including the (dare I say it) 'over the top' Standard Lamp.  Mind you if you think that is over the top, you should have seen the bus stop (no photo sorry)!!!

Let me tell you she had no time to sit

and this is the lady herself.......especially for you V.

Everyone had some thing to show and tell

S and I had a bit of a break to be a bit creative ....... well, we weren't really creative just trying something new...... yep we made rag rugged sheep.......so sweet.

Sheep grazing and a knitting kit to be made up

The food hall  (usually called the auctioneers arena)  had some really yummy hot and cold foods, some other exhibition centres could take a lesson from them..... two teas and a 12" turkey salad baguette = £5.95 .

This stall on the other hand was not selling its seafood delights...

All of this was knitted...some folk really do have too much time on their hands
As far as I am concerned the first Yarndale festival was a great success.  Entry price was great, food and drink prices great, and as far as I could see from the  few I bought, 'kit' prices were very good as well, with most folk leaving with more than one bag of goodies.


  1. That looks like so much fun...even though I don't knit! Our boy's girlfriend is going to teach me!!:)

  2. looks like you are having a great time Jo, some lovely yarns there!!

  3. its on my calender for next year Jo. Great view for your family, would never want to leave the house.
    Gad you had a good weekend xx

  4. Jo I am green with envy it looked like great fun,with a view like your daughter has I would always be happyto do the gardening. Have a great time

  5. What a wonderful event. So much yarn and wonderful yarny creations!